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Reptile Wrangler – School proposal:
In house school trip for live reptile display

Bring the Reptile Wrangler to your school in the Atlanta, GA area. Ken Panse, the Reptile Wrangler has developed an exciting and educational exotic animal program perfectly designed to accommodate the varying schedules of schools. His program allows for class rotation through a designated area by independent classrooms or grades.

In the past Ken's exotic reptile program was held as a reward privilege for students. They would earn Ken's appearance at the school by doing such things as reading 5 books club, the science club, or an after school program. The school administrator would set a goal the students had to meet, and if met, they would get their reward. Taking into consideration the fact that all students need to be stimulated through education, we have now reformed the Reptile Wrangler exotic animal show so we can accommodate small groups of students.

This more conventional setup allows for a more personal experience for the students. Rather than being in an auditorium or some other large room with multiple classes, we are now able to provide shows in a closed environment such as a classroom or media center. With this adaptation of our program we are able to educate on a more specific platform focusing on such topics as biology, geography and environmental sciences.

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We can customize the animal selection for specific criteria such as rain-forest/jungle, temperate, or desert. The selections could include lizards, turtle/tortoises, snakes, toads/frogs and large bugs. They are housed in clear containers when not being handled by Ken.

Students file by the display area that consists of a 4’ x 6’ colorful physical map of the U.S. or the World and a row or two of featured animals. They would see many clear containers with a critter in each one, or larger plastic storage totes with bamboo screens. Then they can sit for the next part of the “in house field trip” to cover the designated material, or to observe Mr. Ken remove, hold, and discuss an ambassador reptile/amphibian from each group displayed.

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The duration of each group’s participation can be in 25-minute intervals with 5 minutes for recess. Ken often performs for groups aged 4-6 for 30 minutes and 45-60 minutes for older students. Your independent schedules can set the time durations.

The cost of the in house field trip begins at $200 for the first hour. Additional time can be purchased at a rate of $75/half hour, or $125/ hour.

Thus a 3-hour display would cost $450.00, allowing for six 25 minute shows.

No travel fees are assessed for the extended Metro Atlanta area.

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The school saves money by avoiding bussing and fuel costs while experiencing a top notch, fully insured, educational performance on site.

Questions and reservations can be made online at Schedule your Show or by phoning Ken’s office at 770-489-3512 days or evenings.

Reptile Wrangler : Fascinating children with reptilian encounters