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Schedule an In-School Field Trip

Reptile Wrangler, Ken Panse, has a program designed for schools, for multiple shows on the same day, for student rotation through a designated area by classrooms or grades.

Our menagerie of local and exotic animals is displayed in a conventional set-up, permitting smaller groups of students (and available parents) to experience the critters in an enclosed environment, such as a classroom or media center. This environment allows for a customized agenda that will bolster specific learning objectives in Biology, Geography, Environmental Sciences, and Language arts.

We can customize the animal selection for specific criteria such as rain-forest/jungle, temperate, or desert. The selections could include lizards, turtle/tortoises, snakes, toads/frogs and large bugs. They are housed in clear containers when not being handled by Ken. The duration of each group’s participation can be in 25-minute intervals with 5 minutes for recess.

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The cost of the in house field trip begins at $200 for the first hour. Additional time is scheduled at a rate of $75/half hour, or $125/ hour.

Thus a 3-hour display would cost $450.00, allowing for six 25 minute shows.

No travel fees are assessed for the extended Metro Atlanta area.

The school saves money by avoiding bussing and fuel costs while experiencing a top notch, fully insured, educational performance on site.

Questions and reservations can be made using the form below or by phoning Ken’s office at 770-489-3512 days or evenings.

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* Student Age Group

Touching permitted, no holding:

*American Alligator – 4’ formidable jaws, Green Grunge, Green  

Jumbo Bullfrog – Green, Brown 9” large

Argentine Horned Frog – Green & Brown 4’’

Nelson's Albino Milksnake – Orange, Pink and Yellow stripes 2’ long

*Red Tegu – Orange, Rust, Khaki 3’

Green Iguana - Orange & Green & Black  4’

Yellow Foot Tortoise - Brown & Yellow Scales and Scutes 1 ½’

Argentine Tegu – Awesome Black & White beaded lizard 3’

Milksnake, Tangerine Honduran - Orange, Red, Black striped 2’ long

Albino Burmese Python - Yellow & Peach & White 6’ long


Holding permitted:

Kingsnake, Honduran - Orange, Red, Black striped  5’

Milksnake, Sinaloan – Yellow, Red and Black striped 3’

Boa Constrictor, Red Tail - Camouflage pattern, iridescent 8’

Royal Ball Python – Chocolate, Brown, Tan

Giant Pine Toad – 6-8” Brown, weighs about 2 lbs.

Red Ear Pond Slider Turtle – 10” Black, Yellow, Red - aquatic

Eastern Box Turtle - Black with Orange scutes

Eastern Kingsnake - 5’ Black, Yellow mosaic pattern

Red Rat (Corn) Snake - 3’ Tan, Red, checkered belly

Blue Tongue Skink - Brown, Tan stripes, Blue fleshy tongue 18”

Leopard Gecko - 8" Yellow , Black and White spotted

Uromastyx - Black & Gold spiny tail desert lizard 1’

Bearded Dragon - Beige Camouflage, Sand 1 1/2’


No touching or holding:
Hissing Cockroach – 3” Chocolate Brown 

Emperor Scorpion- Black 8” glows Turquoise in the dark                     

Tarantula, Giant Chaka – 6” hairy, Brown, Blonde with Black fangs

Mexican Red Leg Tarantula - 5", Red, Tan, Black - hairy & friendly

*Gila Monster – Black, Salmon Pink - poisonous 14”  

Copperhead Snake - 3’ Beige, Tan, Copper - venomous

Timber Rattlesnake – 4’ Beige, Tan, Brown - venomous

Snapping Turtle - 30” Brown, Tan, Mossy shell - aggressive


YES!  Bring me a copy of your excellent children's story Gigantus!

YES!  Bring me a copy of your excellent children's story Into the Jungle!




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