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Make your birthday party the talk of the town with an exciting exotic animal show provided by the Reptile Wrangler of Atlanta, GA. Your kids will be thrilled as we present them with a fun, educational show with a variety of species of exotic reptiles. Just imagine the look on their faces when we pull out a tortoise, snake, or alligator. It is sure to be an exciting experience they won't forget.

Children exclaim, They're here! when our caravan arrives on the scene with copious amounts of rattling cages with tame, exotic reptiles inside. Setting up the show takes only a matter of minutes, leaving plenty of time for your child and guests to enjoy the great educational show Ken will deliver.

Reptile Wrangler even allows you to pick what animals you want to see. He will amaze the kids by displaying some of the most exotic reptilians in the world and intertwine their homelands and behaviors into the show with big colorful maps and handling tools.

The Reptile Wrangler show is a unique, educational experience for all age groups in the Atlanta area. Give us a call today to plan your birthday party!

Your Birthday party will be the "talk of the town"!

 Please email us with questions or potential dates   or call   (770)  489-3512.

To schedule an Exotic Reptile Show, please fill out the form below. This information is for gathering details and is non-binding.

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Please select 4 critters for a 30 minute show, 6 critters for a 45 Minute show,
or 9 critters for a 60 minute show.  Additional critters may be added at $25 each.
*(premium animals are only brought to 6 or more critter shows and cost $75 each.)

Touching permitted, no holding:

*American Alligator – 4’ formidable jaws, Green Grunge, Green  

Jumbo Bullfrog – Green, Brown 9” large

Argentine Horned Frog – Green & Brown 4’’

Nelson's Albino Milksnake – Orange, Pink and Yellow stripes 2’ long

*Red Tegu – Orange, Rust, Khaki 3’

Green Iguana - Orange & Green & Black  4’

Yellow Foot Tortoise - Brown & Yellow Scales and Scutes 1 ½’

Argentine Tegu – Awesome Black & White beaded lizard 3’

Milksnake, Tangerine Honduran - Orange, Red, Black striped 2’ long

Albino Burmese Python - Yellow & Peach & White 6’ long


Holding permitted:

Kingsnake, Honduran - Orange, Red, Black striped  5’

Milksnake, Sinaloan – Yellow, Red and Black striped 3’

Boa Constrictor, Red Tail - Camouflage pattern, iridescent 8’

Royal Ball Python – Chocolate, Brown, Tan

Giant Pine Toad – 6-8” Brown, weighs about 2 lbs.

Red Ear Pond Slider Turtle – 10” Black, Yellow, Red - aquatic

Eastern Box Turtle - Black with Orange scutes

Eastern Kingsnake - 5’ Black, Yellow mosaic pattern

Red Rat (Corn) Snake - 3’ Tan, Red, checkered belly

Blue Tongue Skink - Brown, Tan stripes, Blue fleshy tongue 18”

Leopard Gecko - 8" Yellow , Black and White spotted

Uromastyx - Black & Gold spiny tail desert lizard 1’

Bearded Dragon - Beige Camouflage, Sand 1 1/2’


No touching or holding:
Hissing Cockroach – 3” Chocolate Brown 

Emperor Scorpion- Black 8” glows Turquoise in the dark                     

Tarantula, Giant Chaka – 6” hairy, Brown, Blonde with Black fangs

Mexican Red Leg Tarantula - 5", Red, Tan, Black - hairy & friendly

*Gila Monster – Black, Salmon Pink - poisonous 14”  

Copperhead Snake - 3’ Beige, Tan, Copper - venomous

Timber Rattlesnake – 4’ Beige, Tan, Brown - venomous

Snapping Turtle - 30” Brown, Tan, Mossy shell - aggressive


YES!  Bring me a copy of your excellent children's story Gigantus!

YES!  Bring me a copy of your excellent children's story Into the Jungle!




Please mail a $50 non-refundable deposit upon confirmation to reserve your show time. 

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