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Our Rates

Exotic Reptile Adventures 


1. a 28 Minute show, your choice of 4 critters, $125.00 and up

2. a 42 Minute show, your choice of 6 critters, $175.00 and up

3. a 56 Minute show, your choice of 9 critters, $250.00 and up

(clients may add additional critters at $25 each)

*(only brought to shows with 5 or more critters)


Touching permitted, No holding

*American Alligator 4’ formidable jaws, green, grunge, green
Jumbo Bullfrog Green, Brown 9” large
Argentine Horned Frog Green & Brown 4’’
Nelson's Albino Milksnake Orange, Pink and Yellow stripes 2’ long
*Red Tegu Orange, Rust, Khaki 3’
Green Iguana Orange & Green & Black  4’
Yellow Foot Tortoise
Brown & Yellow Scales and Scutes 1 ½’
Argentine Tegu
Awesome Black & White beaded lizard 3’
Milksnake, Tangerine Honduran
Orange, Red, Black striped 2’ long
Albino Burmese Python
Yellow & Peach & White 6’ long


Holding permitted

Kingsnake, Honduran
Orange, Red, Black striped  5’
Milksnake, Sinaloan
Yellow, Red and Black striped 3’
Boa Constrictor, Red Tail
Shimering Camouflage pattern 8’
Royal Ball Python
Chocolate & Brown shimmerss
Giant Pine Toad
6-8” brown, weighs about 2 lbs.
Red Ear Pond Slider Turtle
10” black, yellow, red - aquatic
Eastern Box Turtle
black with orange scutes
Eastern Kingsnake
5’ black, yellow mosaic pattern
Red Rat (Corn) Snake
3’ tan, red, checkered belly
Blue Tongue Skink
Brown, Tan stripes, Blue fleshy tongue 18”
Leopard Gecko
8" yellow , black and white spotted
Black & Gold spiny tail desert lizard 1’
Bearded Dragon
Beige Camouflage 1 1/2’

No touching or holding

Hissing Cockroach 3” Chocolate Brown  
Emperor Scorpion Black 8” glows turquoise in the dark
Tarantula, Giant Chaka 6” hairy, blonde with black fangs
Mexican Red Leg Tarantula 5", red, tan, black - hairy & friendly
*Gila Monster

Black, Salmon Pink - poisonous 14”

Copperhead snake 3’ beige, tan, copper - venomous  
Timber Rattlesnake 4’ beige, tan, brown - venomous
Snapping Turtle
30” brown, tan, mossy shell - aggressive