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Who is the Reptile Wrangler?

Reptile Wrangler - Fascinating children with reptilian encounters

Education has never been this fun. The Reptile Wranglers - Ken and Zach, will provide an extremely fun and education animal show for all ages. We give you the ability to choose the creatures you want to learn about for your event. Our exotic collection of over 25 reptiles and giant bugs is sure to keep the kids interested.

For the past 20 years we have gained a strong passion and devotion for exotic creatures. We absolutely love to educate children on these exciting animals and are dedicated to giving the most complete education experience possible by arriving in full safari dress and toting the creatures in wicker baskets. We will bring the animals out one at a time so everyone can get a chance to see. Some can be touched by the viewers or, at a birthday party, held by the birthday boy or girl. You are welcome to take photos during the show with your own camera, as we will pause periodically for photo opportunities. If you would like you may also take a video recording of the show.

The Reptile Wrangler will show the critters up close when possible, explain the habitat, dietary needs and some of their distinct behaviors. Kids and parents alike will be amazed at the things you will learn about exotic creatures from our show.

We have large and small, colorful or cryptic snakes, lizards, turtles or tortoises. There are also some giant bugs such as tarantulas, scorpions, and millipedes. Choose the exact critters you desire with photos and descriptions we will provide you. The alligator and 12 foot python are premium animals and cost more than the other critters due to the difficulty of transporting and handling them.

The schedule a show page has a form that will automatically generate the estimated time and cost of this event. Selections can be adjusted after you have submitted your show request. There usually is some tweaking involved in setting the date and time of the show due to logistics. Our top priority for our exotic animal show is safety. We boast an extremely credible resume in which we have performed over a thousand shows and have had zero incidents.

Thank you for visiting Reptile Wrangler and we hope to see you soon!