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Welcome to the Reptile Wrangler!

Reptile Wrangler - Fascinating children with reptilian encounters

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Welcome to Reptile Wrangler! My name is Ken Panse.  I have been handling exotic animals for over 20 years. Since childhood, I have been an avid naturalist and woodsman, and I thoroughly enjoy studying and observing all of the amazing things Mother Nature has to offer.  My son Zachary has followed my passion to become my right hand man for Reptile Wrangler.

It has been Reptile Wrangler’s aim to educate children in the Atlanta, GA area about the exciting exotic animals in the world as well as entertaining them with a fun show they will enjoy. Zach and I perform at a multitude of venues including, but not limited to schools, scout troops, and birthday parties. Your kids will absolutely love the Reptile Wrangler show!


What you will find here:

Reptile Wrangler information consisting of how you can see us at your school, birthday party and special event. Also, you will find show scheduling and animal inventory, as well as latest videos, photos and rates. Visit my blog on the bottom banner to keep up with my latest adventures and TV show production.  Please write a note or story while viewing these posts, I love to hear feedback! In addition you can see what other people thought of my show under testimonials and publicity.

We have a comprehensive depth of knowledge and understanding of our reptilian ambassadors at Reptile Wrangler. With our collection of over 25 different reptiles and giant bugs there will always be more to learn. The best part of our show is we allow you to choose the animals you want to see, giving children a show they won’t be able to pull themselves away from. Give us a call or go to our, “schedule a show page”, to see what you can learn from the exciting world of exotic reptiles!


Hi! I'm Ken Panse and this is a picture of me performing with my alligator, Hummer. I have handled exotic animals for over 20 years. Since childhood, I've been an avid naturalist and woodsman, observing and studying wildlife. Reptile Wrangler has a comprehensive depth and understanding of our reptilian ambassadors. Our son Zachary also takes this unique show on the road to schools, scout troops, day cares, home schooled children, nursing facilities, and church groups across Georgia. We perform amazing birthday parties!